Deadlines… Deadlines… Deadlines

One of my hobbies and current jobs means I am always working on some video project.  Some require a high value of production and others not so much.  Because of this, some projects take minutes to throw together while others take weeks to finalize.  Broadcast companies have some of the tightest deadlines because the show needs to air at a certain time and often several times a week or month.  SNL always impresses with their production quality and most people probably never think about the time and effort required to create a 3 or 4 minute video.  For one of their shorts, the editors pulled together all the raw footage and audio in less than 24 hours.  To get an idea of how much work is involved, the production team provided a time lapse of the whole process to produce one of their many shorts.

Take a look at the short, and then take a look at all the effort that was required to throw it together.  The last thing to remember is that the editing process is only one step of putting together a high quality production.  There is also pre-production planning, the actual shoot which is very involved, and finally the grueling editing process.



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