The Use of External Content and Hyperlinks in Blogs

The Mayo Clinic is one of the largest health organizations in the world with countless web pages provide information on health tips and conditions to their patients and the rest of the public.  Mayo also features blogs from their own doctors.  This Blog by Mayo Clinic doctors Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D., L.D., and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. briefly explains the benefits of adding strength and flexibility training to your fitness routine.  Reader of this blog have the ability to post comments about their own thoughts on the topic, and some have taken this opportunity.  The blog post features many hyperlinks which point to the more information on the authors of the blog and various programs offered by the Mayo Clinic.  Many of the links are related to the blog’s topic of diet and fitness.  Ultimately the goal of these links on this blog is to provide the patients with a service that will better their health.


Dr. Peter Attia also blogs about diet and nutrition.  In this blog he write about what his diet consisted of in 2012 and also his reasons for his particular diet.  He uses hyperlinks as one would except to find in a blog.  However, his hyperlinks do not point to services.  Instead they point to Dr. Attia’s other blogs posts, other social media accounts, and information about himself.  Both independent and blogs which are part of a larger organization use hyperlinks but where these links point to different places.


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