To Technology or Not to Technology

Seeing that it is Throwback Thursday, I must do what any social media savvy person would do on a Thursday; post about the past.  I remember back to a simpler time.  Back when I was in middle school.  I had no cell phone or laptop of my own.  I preferred to spend my time outside instead in front of the screen.  I took notes using pen and paper.  As I entered high school, my parents got me my first cell phone and a year later a laptop that I could use for homework.  I still took notes the old school way and barely spent any time on my phone because it was your run of the mill, basic flip phone.  My junior year I upgraded to an iPhone.  Now my habits started to change.  I spent more time on my phone and less time outside.  I held off from Twitter, and Instagram for a few years, but overall during my junior and senior years I was glued to my phone.  Now at UMR, I still have an iPhone but the novelty has worn off so I am not nearly as entertained by it.  As a matter of fact, I don’t have a single game installed on my laptop or phone and haven’t for at least 3 years.  I now take notes on a laptop because I can type much faster than I can write.

For me personally, technology started as a form of entertainment and then has shifted to something I use out of necessity.  A large portion of my use of technology is now related to work and school.  Often two things that get a reputation for not being fun.  But I still do use my phone to communicate with my friends and stay in touch.  However, due to the mass quantity of unnecessary emails and useless social media notifications about someone’s birthday who I don’t remember from high school, sometimes even communicating with some of my best friends feels like a chore.  This results in countless opened Snapchats I don’t reply to and longer than they should be replies to texts.

Ultimately technology and social media has it’s positives but I think it should still be used in moderation.  It certainly has it’s uses in the professional and academic worlds but often times it lacks the joys of true face to face communication between friends.  Instead of having a hour long texting session with your friend, send them ONE texting asking if they want to meet for coffee.  Moderation is key to everything in life and technology is no exception.


6 thoughts on “To Technology or Not to Technology”

  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Being a college student in a computer-based school, I have discovered that while I am at my school I am glued to my computer. It is a refreshing break to return home for even just a weekend and be able to leave the computer behind.


  2. Interesting post. I liked reading about the evolution of your SM use, and it made me think about another enthralling technology of freedom: the car. Your development of SM use makes me think about the excitement that a lot of people feel when they can drive themselves, as it opens opportunities to express personal freedom. As, time moves on, it becomes a less freeing experience for most people and rather a tool to do a very specific purpose. That isn’t to say that you don’t have some people who still see their car as an expression of freedom, and probably just as large of a population who see having a car as a very limiting/oppressing experience.

    I get the feeling that your experience is very typical, and that the excitement that opportunities of SM affords gets replaced by the utility of using it for specific purposes.


    1. I agree that my social media experience has been very similar to my experience driving. When I first got my license I drove every chance I could. Now it is simply a requirement to get to class and work.


  3. your experience is exactly the same as mine. I used internet at first as entertainment then shifted to work and school work. However, getting older and more mature plays a role how we use the media


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