Time to post those “Sprang Brake” Photos, or is it?

It’s that time of year, when after being forced into hibernation from exams and weather, college students finally emerge from their caves out into the warm spring time air in search for a tropical paradise.  Sometimes, what they find results in behavior that is far from desirable for their future employers.  Upon returning to their cold, damp dorm, many students decide to share photos of their experiences on all sorts of public social media sites.  What better way to show the world how well you can handle yourself that to put it out there for everyone to see.  While this may seem like a good idea at the time, 2 years down the road you may regret this, when you have to explain these images to a prospective employer during an interview.

So, before you go posting the life story of your tropical getaway, be aware of the content of these photos and the privacy level of the sites in which you post them.


2 thoughts on “Time to post those “Sprang Brake” Photos, or is it?”

  1. This is a great point that you have touched on. there are many people out there are still do not know the negatives of posting certain pictures or videos. I personally, I get very aware when it come to social media. I consider social media as flame that could burn or build my life based on the way I choose to use it.


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