Are you professional on Twitter?

Twitter: One of the most difficult social media platforms to maintain a professional presence.

One thing I have noticed among many of the individuals whom I follow on Twitter is their lack of professionalism.  Many of these people are in college and nearing the point in their life where they will be looking for employment.  The largest source of unprofessional behavior that I have seen is retweeting posts with questionable content.  These posts may be extremely entertaining and humorous but do nothing to promote a professional social media presence.  These posts can have a variety of offensive or explicit content that will not put you into the favorable limelight of the workforce’s talent show.

So in case you are wondering if you are guilty of such crimes, here is my cliche piece of advice for you:

If Grandma would hit you over the head with her cane if she saw what you tweeted or retweeted, then you best not be hitting the tweet button.


6 thoughts on “Are you professional on Twitter?”

  1. I’m pretty guilty of retweeting things that I find funny, without putting much thought into it. I’d say that Twitter is the platform I’m the least professional on. I keep my account private, though, if that counts for anything.


  2. I wonder if it is better to not have a tweater, or if this in itself looks bad now, as you are not “with the times.” I guess it probably depends on the job. Nice writing too.


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