Using Twitter to Brighten someone’s day

Based on my experience with Twitter, a large amount of the content is composed of rants or complaints about politicians, celebrities, or a challenging task of assignment.  These types of posts can certainly put someone into a negative mood.  So here’s 3 ways to use Twitter so brighten instead of darken someone’s day.

  1. Tweet or retweet a humorous (but professional) tweet
    Laughter is a great way to brighten the mood.  It can be used to present serious matters in a lighter way.  However, make sure to stay appropriate and professional since current or future employers may be watching.
  2. Commend someone for doing a spectacular job
    Compliments can make anyone’s day a little better.  Acknowledging great performance is also a great way to promote continued excellence.  Remember that Twitter is a public platform so make sure their accomplishment is something that can be made public.
  3. Tweet a motivational quote
    This may be a stereotypical to try to make someone’s day better but it certainly can make a difference.  You never know the state of someone’s mind and you may give them just enough extra motivation to get them through an obstacle.

Now that you’re armed with some ideas, go out and make a positive and professional difference.


7 thoughts on “Using Twitter to Brighten someone’s day”

  1. Do you think that commending someone on their work through Twitter is as effective at sending the message as through other means? Obviously not so much, but I wonder how we can quantify this quality.


    1. I think it depends on the specific situation and type of commending you wish to do. If it is something you want others to know about this person then Twitter could certainly be a way of giving them some public recognition.


  2. I think with all of the negativity that floats around on the internet, getting a nice comment on Twitter, or any social media for that matter, would definitely brighten somebody’s day. I think this is a great post.


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