Goolge+: The Most Used, Least Popular Social Media Site

According to this article, Google+ has nearly 2.5 billion (with a B) users.  That’s about as many users as Facebook.  However only about 10 percent of the total number of accounts have ever made a public post.  What’s worse it the fact that it’s estimate there are only about 6 and a half active users who engage regularly.

Due to the nature of Google+, anyone who has ever used an email account provided by Google now has a Google+ account.  Many of these people don’t even know they have a Google+ account.

So here is the question: Is Google+ suffering a slow and painful death?  Personally, I would say that it was never alive.  I don’t know anyone who as activity engaged on Google+.  Is Google+ useful? It certainly could be.  But ultimately the features offered on Google+ are already available on platforms with larger bases on users who already understand those competing platforms.


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